Announcement of the new Board 2020


We are proud to announce the new Board of Directors 2020.

Erica Wood - President 
Mike Busch - President Elect*
Martin Olsson - Past President
Masja de Haas - Vice President
Lin Fung - Vice President*
Gwen Clarke - Secretary General
Eric Jansen - Treasurer**
Mindy Goldman - North America
Lilian Casthilo - South America
Cynthia So-Osman - Europe*
Birgit Gathof - Europe
May Raouf - Eastern Mediterranean
Shirley Owusu Ofori - Africa*
Mahrukh Getshen - South East Asia*
Denese Marks - West Pacific*
Veera Sekaran Nadarajan - West Pacific

*  = newly elected              ** = re-elected

Please find more information about the board on our website.