Free ISBT Webinar on November 8


Bob van der Laaken will present a free ISBT Webinar on Scientific Writing on November 8, 2018 at 15:00 CET.

Bob van der Laaken started his teaching career at Nijenrode University, where he taught business English. After two years, the quickly growing Netherlands Institute of Tourism and Transport Studies employed him, first as a teacher of English, later as head of the English department. Nine years later, Delft University of Technology, which was dealing with more and more international students, was looking for a skills teacher who could teach in both Dutch and in English. Bob is head of the English department where he teaches Academic Skills, Intercultural Communication and English as a Foreign Language. He is a co-author of Presentation Techniques (2007) and maintains a blog on writing about- and presenting technology.

This webinar is freely available to all, including non-members of ISBT. Attendance is limited so make sure to register your attendance here: