Next webinar – How to nail your presentation


The next webinar on how to nail your presentation will be presented on Wednesday July 3, 2019 at 15:00 by Alexei Kapterev.

Alexei is currently teaching presentation skills at the Graduate School of Business at the Moscow State University. He is the author of the popular Death by PowerPoint and the book Presentation Secrets. His clients include organisations like Merz, Boehringer Ingenheim, Abbot Laboratories and the World Health Organisation.

Logos and Pathos of PowerPoint Slides. This webinar is a short introduction into the principles of design, or as some people call it, visual rhetoric. We will talk about two key drivers in design: logos - the force of functionality, structure and alignment, and pathos - which is about entertaining, making things beautiful, memorable and fun. 

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You can find the recordings of previous webinars on ISBT Education.