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The next ISBT Corporate Partner Educational webinar from Grifols on "Pre-transfusion testing beyond ABO and RhD: Best practices" will be presented on Monday June 22, 2020 at 01:00 PM CEST by Mark Yazer. Mark is a Professor of Pathology and an Associate Director of the Centralized Transfusion Service at the University of Pittsburgh.

Aim of the webinar: To provide attendees with a review of the steps involved in pretransfusion testing, especially the antibody screen.  This presentation will discuss the importance and safety benefits of performing an antibody screen along with a crossmatch before red blood cell units are issued.

Level of education required(1-5):  2 - Novice (limited experience), 3 - intermediate (practical application)

Prior knowledge required: Attendees should be familiar with the basic concepts involved in pretransfusion testing and be aware to what extent pretransfusion testing is performed in their area.

Target audience: Technicians, technologists, blood bankers, managers

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