Revised ISBT Code of Ethics


ISBT is pleased to announce the revision of the ISBT Code of Ethics; one of the Societies most important documents. In December 2013 the ISBT Board endorsed a recommendation to revise the Code. The Standing committee on Ethics chaired by Dr Peter Flanagan has worked since 2014 to review and revise the old Code. ISBT members were given opportunities to comment during the review process. The new version of the Code was accepted by the ISBT membership on June 20, 2017 during the General Assembly at the 27th congress of the ISBT in Copenhagen. ISBT considers that the new code keeps the same philosophy as the old code but the new code is more useable, meaningful and appropriate. The new Code of Ethics has been translated into six different languages for the convenience of our international members. Please find an English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic version of the Code of Ethics on the ISBT website.