WHO Action framework to advance universal access to quality and safe blood and blood components


Blood transfusion is an essential component of health care. An adequate and safe blood supply will improve the effectiveness of key health services and patient`s safety. The need for nationally coordinated and supported blood systems with stringent regulatory controls to assure the quality and safety of blood and blood products has been recognized in key World Health Assembly resolutions since 1975. Furthermore, numerous WHO Guidelines and physical standards have also been developed to underpin advancements in blood product quality, safety and availability. However, progress in implementation of national blood systems and blood regulation has been slow in many parts of the world.

WHO has recently developed a draft Action Framework to Advance Universal Access to Quality and Safe Blood and Blood Components for Transfusion and Plasma Derived Medicinal Products. The draft has been developed to identify the problems and proposed solution on blood transfusion services according to Member State needs.

WHO is seeking comments on this action framework document from those working within transfusion medicine and science. The document can be found here.

Please send any comments you may have to Dr Yuyun Maryuningsih (, with a copy to Please make use of the template for comments provided. The closing date for comments is August 10, 2019.