Congress Calendar

  • 2016
  • ePortal maintenance Saturday November 19, 2016

    Due to a necessary server update it is expected that the ISBT Academy ePortal will be offline on Saturday November 19, 2016. The maintentance will start at 6pm EST and is expected last until 8pm EST the latest. We...

  • Online Academy Application Forms

    Founded in 2006, the ISBT Academy supports educational activities financially or by the use of the ISBT logo. Financial support for the Academy is given by the ISBT Foundation. In 2016, we received various requests for...

  • IPFA Announcement: New Leadership Team


    For immediate release
    14 November 2016 

    The International Plasma Fractionation Association (IPFA)
    establishes new leadership team

    The Executive Board of IPFA, at its meeting on 13th October 2016,...

  • In the New Vox Sanguinis Issue

    In the November 2016 issue of Vox Sanguinis John Roback (Atlanta, USA) presents a survey that was carried out at the AABB annual meeting in October 2014 on the RBC storage duration perspectives and practices among blood...


    As of November 1, 2016 it is required for all submitting authors to provide an ORCID identification code when submitting a manuscript in the Wiley Manuscript Central, where submissions for Vox Sanguinis and the ISBT...

  • Request ISBT Academy Support

    Founded in 2006, the ISBT Academy supports education and knowledge activities in the field of transfusion medicine. Each year the ISBT Academy receives numerous applications for academy events and workshops either for...

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If you would like a congress in the field of Transfusion Medicine to be added to the congress calendar, please send an email  with the following details:

  • Title of the congress
  • Date(s) of the congress
  • City and country where the congress is going to be held
  • URL of the congress website