General Information

About Dubai

Dubai is part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is located on the Eastern coast of the Arabian Peninsula, in the south west corner of the Arabian Gulf. It is extremely well known for its warm hospitality and rich cultural heritage, and the Emirati people are welcoming and generous in their approach to visitors. With year-round sunshine, intriguing deserts, beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels and shopping malls, fascinating heritage attractions and a thriving business community, Dubai receives millions of leisure and business visitors each year from around the world.

Rated by Interpol as one of the safest cities in the world, Dubai offers a crime-free environment. Indeed, the Dubai crime rate appears to be significantly lower than most similarly sized metropolis cities.

The average September temperature is 330C but can be as high as 380C. Nightime temperatures fall to around 270C. There is very little rain.

The currency is the dirham.

Dress code
Business or business casual.

The domestic supply is 220 volts. Sockets suitable for three-pin 13 amp plugs of British standard design are the norm, however it is a good idea to bring an adapter with you just in case. Adapters can be purchased in local supermarkets.

Delegates are recommended to obtain travel insurance (medical, personal accident and luggage) in their home country prior to departure.

The Dubai shopping mall is the world’s largest mall. It is open 7 days a week. The mall also houses the Dubai aquarium and underwater zoo. More information can be found here.

Smoking is not allowed in restaurants and public places.

Tap water is safe to drink.

While tipping is always appreciated in Dubai, it is rarely expected. The majority of restaurants will note at the bottom of the menu that taxes and a service charge have already been included in the bill, however it is still common to give a tip of 10% to the service staff. Taxis in Dubai are cheap and plentiful. A small tip of AED5 to AED10 may be given, or passengers may just round the fare up to the nearest note and allow the driver to keep the change.

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