Young Investigator Breakfast

Designing clinical transfusion research

Monday June 4, 2018

A workshop will be held on designing clinical transfusion research with an opportunity to receive feedback on your own plans and ideas. After an introduction to developing the research question and choosing between different study designs, we continue with sent-in (or locally presented) questions and examples and explain what would be the best approach and why. The workshop will be held by Leo van der Watering.
If you would like to have your own proposal discussed during this workshop, send an email to

Workshop Grant Writing

Tuesday June 5, 2018 

During the workshop on grant writing the speakers will explain what a successful proposal should look like and provide tips and techniques for the grant proposal process. The session will be interactive, giving the audience the possibility to ask questions and take part in the discussion. A registration is not needed for this workshop. 
More information about time and place will follow soon.