Platelet Immunobiology


enable collaborations in platelet immunobiology by bringing together members working in a (diagnostic) laboratory, research and/or clinical setting

Platelet Immunobiology studies the pathogenic immune mechanisms responsible for platelet disorders related to alloantibodies or autoantibodies against platelets. Platelet disorders caused by antibodies against platelets include immune thrombocytopenia, fetal/neonatal alloimmune thrombocytopenia, drug-induced immune thrombocytopenia, and platelet-transfusion refractoriness. Rapid and precise diagnosis using reliable platelet serology testing is mandatory to avoid severe clinical consequences for patients. Understanding the underlying mechanisms is a key to better treatment or prophylaxis. 




We provide access to like-minded colleagues active in (diagnostic) laboratory, research and/or clinical settings in all aspects of platelet immunobiology. We promote basic and clinical research to improve the knowledge on antibody-mediated platelet disorders and to improve laboratory testing and clinical guidance. We set standards for serological testing, diagnostic pathways, and clinical decision making in patients with antibody-mediated platelet disorders. 

To reach our aims, we establish and monitor nomenclature for human platelet alloantigens (HPA) and support scientific co-operation between our members. We encourage and support new and emerging platelet immunology laboratories through education and organisation of practical workshop sessions. 

Our Chairpersons are Ulrich J. Sachs and Nelson H. Tsuno. 


We meet at ISBT congresses. We organise international workshops every other year. Also, we regularly organise the exchange of typing material and test protocols. We have installed sub-committees on Quality and Clinical Guidance and invite ISBT members with interest in the field to actively participate. 

Joining the WP

Membership is open to all ISBT members actively working in a (diagnostic) laboratory, research, or clinical setting of the field of Platelet Immunobiology. Employees of pharmaceutical companies are allowed to attend our meetings; however, they cannot become a WP member nor actively participate in a workshop.

Interested in joining the Platelet Immunobiology WP? Please email our Chairpersons (Ulrich J. Sachs) here or (Nelson H. Tsuno) here



Some of the content is only accessible for ISBT-members. To join us, click here.

Watch the webcast on Platelet Immunology

Follow this link to visit ISBT Education and watch the webcast with John Semple. The talk was recorded at the 27th Regional Congress of the ISBT in Copenhagen. 

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The Working Party on Platelet Immunobiology will held its 2018 Business Meeting on Saturday, June 2, 2018 from 13.00 - 15.30 during the ISBT Congress in Toronto, Canada. All members of ISBT are welcome to attend.

The Working Party on Platelet Immunobiology will install two new subcommittees. ISBT members with a special interest in platelet serology, FNAIT, ITP or platelet transfusion refractoriness are welcome to participate. Click here for further details. 

The Working Party on Platelet Immunobiology will held a Scientific Meeting during the ISBT Congress in Toronto, Canada on Wednesday, June 6 at 14.00 hours. Click here for more information about the scientific programme of the Toronto Congress. 


Ulrich J. Sachs

Ulrich J. Sachs


Justus Liebig University
Clinical Immunology & Transfusion Medicine
Giessen, Germany

Nelson Tsuno

Nelson Tsuno


University of Tokyo
Transfusion Medicine
Tokyo, Japan